Saturday, September 15, 2007

Perception = Reality

In my short 24 years on this earth, I can honestly tell you that perception is reality. The way each and every person perceives the world around them shapes their life, both positively and negatively. However, I argue that as humans we often choose the latter because it is simply easier. Much of the time we perceive things in a negative way because it makes life simpler, and allows us to project our own shortcomings to other individuals lack of internal controls

In my opinion, the reason why negative perceptions are bad is because it leads to the judging of another. We examine our surroundings (perception) whether it be a situation, another person, etc, which leads to a judgement about that particular topic. This judgement often distorts our reality and forces us into quick decision making, which sometimes leads to the wrong conclusion. A wrong conclusion may harm relationships, negatively effect business decisions, etc, because we are a society of a first impressions.

In a world that moves very quickly, let stimuli marinate a bit longer in order to form a more accurate conclusion regarding a particular situation. In doing so, we give our brains extra time, which hopefully leads to a more positive outcome. Thinking positively rather than negatively effects our entire mood and outlook on life, and that attitude is contagious around others. If we all want to be happier, perceive things in a more positive manner with a little more time, and watch your life turn really real and really happy. Because after all, perception is reality.


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