Monday, September 17, 2007

Recession-Proof Your Investment Strategy by Ben Stein

Please follow the link below for a nice blurb from financial guru Ben Stein.

I completely agree that if short term traders vacate the market during down times, take a long term approach, and pick up shares of good companies when their P/E ratios fall below historical moving averages.

Read the full article by clicking the link:

Recession-Proof Your Investment Strategy by Ben Stein


Andrew Pratt said...

I have been scared about an abrupt turn of the market ever since it hit 14000. The talk of recession has been lingering, and I really don't know what to do with my money after I got out. The market seemed to grow to a level that didn't make sense since there wasn't any good information that came out about the current state of the economy (housing market especially). I read about picking the established companies that you see as being profitable for the next decade or so. Any other thoughts on what to do with your money with the lingering question of recession?

Brian Reese said...

During a recession, cash talks. Those who have money tied up in mortgages and other debt instruments are the ones who get in big trouble. In times of recession, money markets and CD's look very attractive, and will get you a decent return in troubled times.

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