Monday, September 17, 2007

Save Even More Money......And Lose Weight!

Now that I experience the daily one hour lunch break, I can't help but notice those around me.

I pack my own lunch nearly everyday, with some exceptions for Friday's or other special events.
Most people get together and decide where to eat lunch everyday. For all you who go out to lunch, consider this:

1. COST. A decent lunch out these days runs between $8-$10 per person. Assuming 30 days vacation, that is 334 days of eating. An average cost of $9 per day is used for this scenario. 334 x $9 = $3,006 a year......ouch!

2. CALORIES, CALORIES, CALORIES.... a one hour break is hardly enough time to sit and enjoy a healthy meal. Eating lunch in a short time period makes a person more likely to eat quickly, resulting in larger portions consumed. In addition, fast food is high in calories, and can contribute to your growing waist line.

Whatever your daily routine, ten minutes in the morning is enough time to pack a decent lunch. I actually enjoy preparing my own meal, and you probably will too. Moreover, you will shed the extra calories and save some hard earned cash!


Andrew Pratt said...

Are you talking to all of us without the sweet lunchbox. I hate doing it everyday, especially since I am very frugal with my money in really every aspect, including this one, except this month. Is TDY over yet? Want vs. Need as said in a previous blog is the question that should be asked before every purchase. People always said at the Academy that it will be tough to live on an LT's pay. I disagree with that as long as you try a little bit to manage your money. You should have plenty left for significant monthly investments to achieve that dollar cost averaging or whatever you are doing.

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