Saturday, September 22, 2007

What am I Doing Here on Earth?

I am a firm believer that every person at one time or another asks themselves a simple and yet very complex question. What am I doing here on earth?

Seven tiny words, with no more than two syllables, that sparks an endless debate spanning the dawn of civilization. Although I believe it is everyone's quest to find the truth, simply slicing the world into bits of scientific matter is an incredibly shallow attempt to explain your purpose here on earth.

I fear many people ask the above question with no religious grounding leading them to an acceptable conclusion. Moreover, I continue to find individuals who attack religion, while attempting to explain everything using a mathematical formula.

Occasionally, a random individual will ask questions about my religious views, and I attempt to answer them in a fair and honest manner. Although it is easier to deflect questions such as these, one of the reasons they are asking stems from a restlessness to find the truth. However, it is that individuals choice whether or not they accept the truth as reality.

I often ponder why the non-believer asks the most questions. I have come to realize that the seeker is simply following the seed God has planted. If someone speaks out against organized religion, they are probably struggling with their own beliefs at the same time. On the other hand, seeking the truth and asking questions remains a good start towards finding God's will for your life.

When the chips are down, when times are bad, and no scientific evidence points towards the truth....What will you believe?

For me it's faith. One word explains many of life's most daunting questions. Some things cannot be broken down further. Sometimes the whole does not add up to the sum of it's parts. I cannot prove this using a mathematical formula or some other worldly example, that's why it is faith. Faith is faith. It is believing in the unseen, and accepting the truth even in the shadow of doubt.

The point of this post is not to change you or your beliefs. However, I do challenge you to seek the truth. Find out the reasons why you wake up every morning, and write them down. Live these reasons in your life. Overcome your mistakes and be a better person. Learn more about something you don't understand. Be a source of encouragement in a troubled world.

After all, the simple fact you are seeking means you want to know the truth. However, some things are not meant to be explained. Faith is faith. Make sure you understand the difference between faith and science.