Thursday, September 13, 2007

Where Is My Money!

In case you are like me, and wonder "where has all my money gone," I highly recommend making a simple budget.

In a world where it is incredibly easy to swipe a plastic card, a little money managing can go a long way. However, up until the past three weeks, I didn't really know how to manage my money.

I found out it is very easy if you follow some simple rules. In addition, there are many programs to assist with planning and budgeting, but most of them require a small purchase. However, a program like Microsoft Excel will do everything you need, and is usually already on your home computer.

Here are a few easy steps to save and manage your money:

1. WRITE IT DOWN! If you don't write down every little detail, you begin to let other expenses and purchases slide. In fact, I even found myself not including small purchases in the budget because I didn't think they would add up. Trust me......they do!

2. CHECK YOUR RECEIPTS! I had no idea how many times businesses screw up. Whether they intended to or not, if you don't check your receipt line by line , you often times get overcharged. During the move to my home in Phoenix, numerous receipts had mistakes that my family corrected.

3. SPECIFY A WANT VS. A NEED! Yes, there is a huge difference. Ask yourself seriously, "Is this a want or a need." I was surprised that when I actually thought about a purchase, I would decide something is a want rather than a need.

Simple money management requires some level of commitment, but if you really want to save, a little perspiration will go a long way!