Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Whether You Like It Or Not

Fast learners pay attention! Over the last four years at the Air Force Academy, where there are more tasks to accomplish than the 24 hours in a day; your mind begins to change whether you like it or not. The world you live in changes. How you value free time changes.

In this system, a person learns to prioritize and value personal time more than most in a slower paced environment. In addition, every moment spent that we deem "worthless," gives an opportunity to finish something that must be accomplished in order to move on in our daily routine.

At the Academy, these lessons are absolutely engraved in the subconscious. After a while, you look at the world differently. Life is now a race in order to have more personal time. You begin to prioritize every second of your life, examining what you would like to do versus what you have to do. I have always thought this may be the case, but today proved my assumptions correct.

In a routine class exercise where we have all been given a packet of questions for individual completion, I couldn't help but look around the room and come to this stunning conclusion about the Academy graduates.

Theoretically, before anyone in the room would be proficient enough to accomplish the questions in the workbook, a step by step PowerPoint discussion for one hour would be necessary. The topic, basic algebra and economics.

As the civilians in the room diligently took notes on the PowerPoint slides, those who have been forever changed rustled their workbooks.

Before any civilian even realized we had an individual assignment, every Air Force Academy graduate in the room was or nearly finished with the entire packet of questions, which was supposed to take 45 minutes.

The price-analysis material to us was simple (basic math and economics). However, if you have never had basic algebra, the questions may have been confusing. The point is, whether we realize it or not, we work and examine material on a different level, always wanting to "hurry up and be finished" so we can do what we want to do.

Thinking and working in this manner usually allows us to accomplish tasks quickly and move on. However, I caution everyone to relax every now and then, and take it all in! Life's a journey not a destination. Slow down and smell the roses!


Angie said...

stop and smell the roses...and have a glass of cabernet (or a whisky sour)!

Brian Reese said...

Very true Angie! Whisky sour is a great drink too!